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[Xen-devel] Re: xenrt phases

Paul Larson wrote:
Do you have anything detailing what the goal of each phase in Xenrt is? Phases 4 and 5 seem to be pretty much identical.

There should be some detail available as hovertips for the phase descriptions (although this may only work on Firefox :( ). From the database:

('Phase 0', 'Building, installation and booting of Xen, preparation of the machine for the test sequence.', 0L)
('Phase 1', 'Domain 0 uniprocessor tests', 1L)
('Phase 2', 'Domain 1 uniprocessor tests', 2L)
('Phase 3', 'Inter-domain network tests', 3L)
('Phase 4', 'Domain 2 SMP tests', 4L)
('Phase 5', 'VT unmodified kernel tests', 5L)
('Phase 6', 'Stress testing', 6L)
('Phase 7', 'Stress testing combined with tools testing', 7L)
('Phase 8', 'Domain and machine shutdown', 8L)


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