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RE: [Xen-merge] xen subarch

> > To try and kick things off, we've created a Linux mercurial 
> repo which 
> > has xen as a subarch of i386 and x86_64 :
> > http://xenbits.xensource.com/linux-2.6-xen.hg
> $ hg clone http://xenbits.xensource.com/linux-2.6-merge.hg
> requesting all changes
> abort: HTTP Error 404: Not Found

Sorry, the two trees are:
http://xenbits.xensource.com/linux-2.6-xen.hg          (latest stable)
http://xenbits.xensource.com/ext/linux-2.6-merge.hg    (bleeding edge)
> > So, who's up for wading in and getting started with the 
> cleanup?  Who 
> > can help us keep the tree up todate with Linus'?
> I'm interested, and I can probably get a few other people 
> here interested too...


> > Send me an ssh2 key if you want push rights to this tree, 
> or otherwise 
> > want other trees created as staging areas. We might as well use the 
> > xen-merge for patch review and discussion.
> It would probably be a good idea if all patches (except 
> merges from Linus) would get reviewed.  OTOH, having review 
> after the fact on a changelog mailing list would probably work too.

Yep, the changelog deamon would require need some reworking to look new
csets up in a reference Linus tree to see whether they came from Linus
or not...


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