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Re: [Xen-devel] [RFC] Xend configuration option for console memory limit

I think this is a reasonable solution. One thing to discuss is what the default limit should be. 4k was the old limit w/xcs and that was obviously unacceptable. Something like 1MB is probably more than enough. I'm of course wary to see there being any possibility of console data loss but this is neccessary to avoid DoS attacks.


Anthony Liguori

Dan Smith wrote:

Bug #296 describes the possible Out-Of-Memory outcome of a console
flood.  Currently, xenconsoled has the ability to obey a limit, but
Xend does not set it, to prevent console message loss.

I propose that a configuration option be added to xend-config.sxp that
sets the limit.  That way, a user with a large console buffer
requirement can easily set it, and OOM situations can be avoided.

I'll be happy to knock up a patch if this sounds reasonable.


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