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Re: [Xen-devel] Time stopped

> x335b:/tmp/logs/xm-test # xm list
> Name              ID  Mem(MiB)  CPU  VCPUs  State   Time(s)
> Domain-0           0       495    -      4  r-----     96.5
> 11_create_0       73        16    3      1  -b----      0.3
> x335b:/tmp/logs/xm-test #

This is not a surprising place to fail.  Test 10_create tries to
create and destroy a bunch of domains really fast.  That used to
reboot people's machines.  Test 11_create tries to create a whole
bunch of concurrent DomUs, but it looks like it isn't getting very

Does 'top' show anything (like xenconsoled) pegging the CPU, or does
'xm top' show the 11_create_0 domain taking over the system?

Can you reliably put the system into this state right between tests
10_create and 11_create?

Dan Smith
IBM Linux Technology Center
Open Hypervisor Team
email: danms@xxxxxxxxxx

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