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Re: [Xen-devel] domU crash

On 15 Oct 2005, at 15:28, Stephan Böni wrote:

Well, i'm starting a domU but it crashes. What i've done wrong?
> cd /etc/xen
> xm create inhouse
Using config file "inhouse".
Started domain inhouse

xend is trying to look up the device number for /dev/hda1. Since your system doesn;t have a /dev/hda1, and you are presumably using udev, this lookup fails. If you created that node manually in /dev/ then all should be fine.

Really the device name should be passed to domU as a string, and resolved to a number there. Or xend can just have a table of simple name lookups for thing like hda, hdb, ...

 -- Keir

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