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Re: [Xen-devel] domU - no networking

On 15 Oct 2005, at 22:13, stoeni wrote:

i was looking for some information of the new peth0 interface but did
not found anything usefull, does it break the setup?

attached you can find the network setup, kernel config and the xend.log.

as u can see, xen-br0 does recieve packets but not send anything.

do you need more information?

The transmit statistic on xen-br0 is a red herring: looking at my working system, the xen-br0 interface also reports 0 packets transmitted. Odd, but obviously therefore not an indication of trouble.

It sounds like dom0 networking is okay for you. In cases where our bridging setup doesn't work, I believe it is usual for networking to fail completely (both dom0 and domU).

When you boot a domU, do you have a vif called something like 'vif1.1' in dom0's ifconfig listing? Does this interface show any packets sent or received? Does 'brctl show' show vif1.1 attached to xen-br0?

 -- Keir

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