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Re: [Xen-devel] PAE on xen-2.0 testing?

>Ian Pratt wrote:
>>>ok, good to know. the 3.0 thing doesn't really work, after 
>>>mailing hundreds :) of mails with keir yesterday the source 
>>>from today broke the system again. gdth causes a panic .. if 
>>>it compiles some vif are coming up, some not. same show as on 
>>>saturday/sunday :(
>> There's a good chance Christian has fixed the vif/block dev issue in the
>> staging tree. The race seemed to bite some people hard and other not at
>> all.
>great! todays unstable-src snapshot shows same behaviour.
>where can i get the staging tree so i can test it?

It'll be pushed to the public tree once it's passed the (short) 
xen regression test. Should be later today. 



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