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[Xen-devel] SMP on X86

I compiled the unstable Version and enabled SMP as well as SMT in Domain 0,
but I see only one CPU on a System that has a hyperthreading CPU ( P4 630 )
which is recognized by a native SMP/SMT Kernel. 

Is there anything I have to do to configure the Hypervisor to support SMP and
SMT ? If this is the case, how can I achieve that Xen support hyperthreading.

I checked SMT using the abovementioned native kernel and achieved a performance
enhancment of about 20 percent in comparison to a non-SMT kernel, running a
simple CPU-bound floating point program. I got no improvement when using the 
SMP/SMT kernel of Xen.

Thanks in advance 

     Peter Bier 

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