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[Xen-devel] Re: network-bridge script reworked

Kurt Garloff wrote:
It now works much better for me:
* we got rid of ifconfig
* it works for netdev != eth0
* arp on and off are symmetric as are ifdown and ifup
* ifup will be passed the ifcfg config file name if needed
(the ifup may otherwise figure that the veth0 hardware is NOT the same as the original ${netdev} and not use the same
   config -- this happens on SUSE. Charles Coffing tracked this
   one down.)

Does this updated network-bridge, like my patch posted to this list on 10/14 under the title "[PATCH] network-bridge script support for multiple external interfaces", allow support for multiple loopback interfaces?

I have a situation where my Xen host has physical interfaces on multiple networks and gives Xen instances access to one or the other based on where they're supposed to be; this implies modifying all the hardcoded references to veth0 or vif0.0.

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