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Re: [Xen-devel] network-bridge script reworked

Ted Kaczmarek wrote:

We have seen the old script get things into a state whereby the machine's
routing tables claim to be going through peth0 rather than eth0.  At the very
least, if this happened with two Xen machines on the network, then one would
complain about packets coming from the other, and I have observed this behaviour

Can anyone claim to have seen the error message with only one Xen machine on
the network?


Nope, I have repeatedly tested and have only seen this when the
domU's/DomO's share a broadcast domain on the peth interface. Been
running test bed where eth0 is disconnected and xen-br0 is enslaved to
it for almost two days now. Not a single instance of this message.

Ted, are you saying only one machine, or was that multiple machines?
Because we have not seen it with a single machine on the network (ok,
would someone from the "big shop" correct me if they have?).

Jerone has been trying to recreate it right now and hasn't seen it
so far.

I believe it is the scenario that Ewan describes above.


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