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Re: [Xen-devel] Block device configuration

On Fri, 2005-10-21 at 08:55 +0200, Mark Ryden wrote:
> Hi,
> In this occasion, I want to add one question which is also about
> this issue,if I may:
> Can anyone explain in a few sentences and show exactly where in the code and
> how the backend driver probe function and the frontend driver probe function
> are called ? (blkfront_probe() and blkback_probe() in the case of a
> block device).

Look in drivers/xen/xenbus_probe.c.  This code places watches on the
"device" and "backend" directories: when a new directory appears, it
calls xenbus_probe_node(), which calls the driver core's
device_register().  This calls xenbus_match to compare the device
against each driver; if a driver is found, it calls xenbus_dev_probe,
which calls blkfront_probe() or blkback_probe() in your two cases.

> Is this have to do with udev/hotplug calling probe using generic linux
> probe methods?

No, udev/hotplug is orthogonal.  That call gets fired off asynchronously
by the Linux driver core

> Or is it that merely setting values in XenStore triggers the probing
> functions, using some callback?  I doubt this is the case.

It is the case.

Hope that clarifies,
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