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[Xen-devel] xc_domain_getinfolist() declaration

 I would expect xc_domain_getinfolist() to just be an extended version
of xc_domain_getinfo() but filling-up a range of xc_dominfo_t. However
the declaration in xenctrl.h is 

  int xc_domain_getinfolist(int xc_handle,
                            uint32_t first_domain,
                            unsigned int max_domains,
                            xc_domaininfo_t *info);

i.e. a different info pointer type than

  int xc_domain_getinfo(int xc_handle,
                        uint32_t first_domid,
                        unsigned int max_doms,
                        xc_dominfo_t *info);

is that a typo ? xc_domaininfo_t is defined as dom0_getdomaininfo_t
which is a distinct type from xc_dominfo_t, with slightly different 
characteristics. Any reason for that disparity in the type returned
between those two functions ?


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