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Re: [Xen-devel] Network still broken, new issue as well , 7468:17a9f111fa93

Ewan Mellor wrote:
Regarding your other network problems, if you are still suffering once you've
changed your configuration, then please submit a full set of logs.  The
scripts involved have changed recently, as you know, but they are very
difficult to test, because we don't have a great variation of network
topologies available.  I'd be looking for

brctl show
cat /var/log/syslog
cat /var/log/debug
cat /var/log/xend.log
Please see bug #363 that's currently biting several of us with systems which, for various reasons, use eth1 instead of eth0. I hope you don't mind, I attached logfiles and command output to the bug rather than spamming here with it. We have always had to workaround this it seems, but were hoping the new script would fix it. Instead, with the new script we just had to find a new workaround.

Basicially, on these systems it assumes eth0 (which we don't use), so we never get networking on domU.

Paul Larson

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