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[Xen-devel] USB virt status

Here's the latest USB code.  This patch is much less crufty than the one
I sent out a week ago since I just finished the refactoring which was
in-progress in the last patch.

In this patch, the inter-domain communication endpoint object
(xenidc_endpoint) is theoretically code-complete but is substantially
unexecuted so I wouldn't recommend trying to use it unless you want to
help test it.

FIXMEs in the patch indicate the work remaining to complete the USB
driver which include:

1) Implement the xenidc_rbr_provider_pool and the xenidc_rbr_mapper_pool
objects which are used to implement the bulk data transfer between the
FE and BE based on the grant-tables API.

2) Update the usbback_driver_port state machine to handle the cn and dn

3) Some minor bits and pieces here and there.

I also need to hook up the claim and release port interfaces to xenbus.

And of course, lots of testing.


Harry Butterworth <harry@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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