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Re: [Xen-devel] domU networking trouble in Xen 3.0-unstable.hg

Interesting.  Thanks for this reply and thanks to the people that have replied off the list thus far.  I had to step away from this for a couple of days, but I'm going to be working on it again tomorrow.  Based on the feedback that I have received, here's the plan of attack:

* I'll provide some additional info to the list (e.g., ip addr show, brctl show, ip route show...each for both dom0 and domU)

* I'll double check that IPv6 is disabled...but I believe that it is

* I'll update to the latest changeset and try everything again

And, if it's still not working at that point, then I'll go ahead with filing the bug report.  I agree that it seemed like an unusual place to have problems...so hopefully we can get to the bottom of it.  And I'm happy to pull any other information out of the machine that may prove useful for debugging and such as well.  Just let me know if there's anything in particular that would be useful.


That's pretty peculiar, Bryan.  We're having problems with the network
configuration scripts at the moment, but it looks to me like your network is
intact.  If the packet has reached vif1.1, then it really ought to reach the
domU, because that is a pretty simple connection, and well tested.  Do you
have any firewalling / iptables rules set up in the guest domain?  Can it
receive pings from elsewhere on the network?  If it's not firewall rules, I'm
flummoxed, and you ought to file a bug.



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