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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH] Changes to allow dynamic enabling/disabling of trace buffers

On 30 Oct 2005, at 22:53, David Hopwood wrote:

The sentence "To change the size of an existing allocation, you must first
deallocate it then reallocate it." should also be removed from the
xc_tbuf_set_size doc comment.

As a matter of style, I would also suggest moving the tb_init_done check into
tb_set_size rather than doing it in the DOM0_TBUF_SET_SIZE handler.

Buffer resize was broken on SMP, so I removed it. If anyone actually cares about it then a heavier weight synchronisation will be required (perhaps in the manner of Linux's stop_machine_run), but I'm guessing it's not something anyone cares wildly about right now.

 -- Keir

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