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[Xen-devel] Re: [Xen-users] creating a domU with a particular UUID with xen-unstable

It looks like I can do this by starting a domain from an SXP directly instead of a Python-based configuration.

If I use a suitable algorithm for generating UUIDs, I should be able to guarantee at least an extremely low probability of UUID collisions across an entire farm of systems running Xen. I will read up some more on the ISO UUID algorithm commonly used by hardware manufacturers. I don't trust it quite yet, but it does seem that this is in line with its purpose.

I'm not really fond of the behavior of domain name collisions. I don't want to have to query some sort of farm-wide database to see if a domain name isn't being used to guarantee uniqueness, but I want to be able to guarantee that I'll never have a domain name collision when doing a live migration of a domU to another system. They are nice to have around for being easily readable by humans though.

Thanks for your help.


Anthony Liguori wrote:
Andrew D. Ball wrote:

Is it possible with xen-unstable (hopefully soon to be Xen 3.0) to create a domU with a particular UUID? I don't want the UUID for a domain to change when I destroy it and create it again from the same configuration.

You could always make the domain's name it's UUID.


Anthony Liguori

This doesn't necessarily have to have anything to do with xenstore's being persistent, it could just involve a configuration option similar to the one for virtual NICs where MAC addresses can be assigned explicitly if desired but will be pseudo-randomly generated otherwise.

Thanks for your help.


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