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[Xen-devel] [PATCH] Xenoprof latest version.

  Ian, Keir

  Now that Xen 3.0 was released and moved into a separate testing tree,
it seems a good time to include Xenoprof patches into the public
xen-unstable tree. What do you think?

  I am attaching the last version of the patches. There are 3 patches

  1) xenoprof-2.0-generic-linux-2.6.14.patch: Changes to linux oprofile 
         generic kernel driver in "drivers/oprofile".
         (created against the linux-2.6.xen.hg tree)
  2) xenoprof-2.0-arch-linux-2.6.14.patch: New oprofile architecture
          driver for i386/xen.
         (also created against the linux-2.6.xen.hg tree)
  3) xenoprof-2.0-xen-3.0-devel.patch: Xen component

  John Levon reviewed these 3 patches and has indicated that he is happy
with them now.
  The last missing component are the modifications to OProfile user
level tools. John Levon has indicated that he would like to include
those in the standard OProfile distribution. We still need to modify
documentation and man pages to include the new Xen options. But,
everything else seems to be OK. I will work with John Levon in the next
days to have the Oprofile documentation updated.

  Please let me me know how do you think we should proceed.



Attachment: xenoprof-2.0-generic-linux-2.6.14.patch
Description: xenoprof-2.0-generic-linux-2.6.14.patch

Attachment: xenoprof-2.0-arch-linux-2.6.14.patch
Description: xenoprof-2.0-arch-linux-2.6.14.patch

Attachment: xenoprof-2.0-xen-3.0-devel.patch
Description: xenoprof-2.0-xen-3.0-devel.patch

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