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Re: [Xen-devel] domain key gone from xenstore when calling offline hotplug scripts

Ewan Mellor wrote:
On Fri, Dec 09, 2005 at 05:00:24AM -0600, Christopher S. Aker wrote:

I'm using a custom vif-script and I've noticed that when the "offline" mode is called, I'm unable to retrieve the domain key from xenstore, most likely because the domain has already been destroyed.

Is there any way to defer the removal of those keys until $vif-script offline has been called, or possibly retain it in xend and pass it along as a command arg? The domain value is useful in the network deconstruction I'm performing.

What do you mean by "the domain key"?  You get the path to the domain, the
device type and the vif ID passed as environment variables -- this should be
sufficient for you to use as a key to other databases or whathaveyou.  What
else do you require?

What's passed in is the xenstore path to that specific vif's backend entries, for example "backend/vif/26/0". In 'online' mode backend/vif/26/0/domain exists. In 'offline' mode, none of that data is accessible, or at least the domain entry is no longer there.

I could store the associations between vifs and domainIDs/domain names locally and perform lookups, but I was just looking for a xend provided method to grab the domain(id) that "owned" the vif we're bringing offline.


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