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Re: [Xen-devel] CPU Utilization

Dave Thompson (davetho) wrote:

Doesn't top's CPU summary line show both?  I thought us=user space,
sy=system, ni=nice, id=idle, hi=hwintr, si=softintr.  So in my
example 1% in user space, 7.3% in system level, 3.3% in h/w intr,
and 15% in soft intr.  Total of 26.6% utilized of which 25.6% is
in kernel.

I think that 'top' shows system time spent on behalf of user processes. Dom0 has stuff going on in the kernel that has nothing to do with user processes. For instance, when you generate lan traffic to/from another domain, it causes the dom0 kernel to use a bunch of cpu time, and this may not show up using 'top'. That's my guess about what is happening.


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