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RE: [Xen-devel] yanked share problem

>From: M.A.Williamson
>Sent: 2005年12月15日 10:00
>> Yes, that's the desired way in most cases, as long as domain crash event
>> can be notified to xenstore and then watches upon specific node can work
>> for this purpose. Normal shutdown command issued from user can follow
>> this process due to driver code aware to send traffic on xenbus. But
>> abnormal crash may not go to such branch. Maybe we need a heartbeat check
>> between xenstore and hooked domains? ;-)
>When a domain dies (for any reason), a VIRQ_DOM_EXC will be sent to dom0,
>telling it that something "exceptional" (like being shutdown, or crashing)
>has happened to a domain. This causes some entity (currently still Xend,
>AFAIK) to go check the state of all the domains - the store will get
>updated appropriately as a result of this.
>This should work even for crashes - in the current world, this mechanism
>also ensures it's possible to restart domains, clean up their devices, etc
>if they die unexpectedly.
>So watching the store ought to be fine in all cases, so long as dom0 stays
>up (which is another problem ;-)

OK, that's clearer now. Yes, as long as xenstore keeps working, such case can 
always be handled.


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