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[Xen-devel] Build failures (x86_64, IOMMU, Xen 3.0.0)

Does Xen 3.0.0 actually support the IOMMU on x86_64?  I've tried building
with a couple of different configurations, and it always fails if I've
enabled CONFIG_GART_IOMMU.  The problems center around undefined references
to functions such as dma_alloc_coherent, dma_free_coherent, iommu_setup,
iommu_hole_init, force_iommu, iommu_aperture_allowed, and so on.  In all
cases, changing the config to turn off GART_IOMMU (and hence enabling
DUMMY_IOMMU) allows the build to proceed to a conclusion (of sorts).

I'm happy if the answer is "it's broken, use DUMMY_IOMMU" (as I have no
machines to support with >4GB of RAM at the moment), but if it is supposed
to work, I'd like to work out why it isn't.  Any takers to help me out? 

- Matt

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