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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH] gdbserver-xen: fix corefile access

On 2 Mar 2006, at 12:19, Horms wrote:

The correct fix is to update the xc_ptrace_core() interface to match
the xc_ptrace() interface. Kip Macy made the latter SMP aware, but
didn't fix up the former.

It should be easy to do -- note how xc_ptrace() takes a domid on
PTRACE_ATTACH, and vcpuid at all other times. xc_ptrace_core() should
take a fd on PTRACE_ATTACH, and vcpuid at all other times. Since we
don't dump SMP core files right now, vcpuid should either be ignored
for the time being, or fail the call if vcpuid!=0.

I didn't notice that, but I should have.

Are you suggesting that xc_ptrace_core() should record the fd passed
to it on PTRACE_ATTACH and use that later, presumably in current_domid?
If so, yes that does look very easy. If not, can you explain a little
further? In any case, I'll look into it tomorrow.

Yeah, you should record it the same way that xc_ptrace() records the domid. Really the two calls (xc_ptrace and xc_ptrace_core) should probably be merged -- we could pass an extra flag to PTRACE_ATTACH to indicate whether we are attaching to a coredump or to a live domain. Then we could get rid of xc_ptrace_core altogether.

 -- Keir

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