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[Xen-devel] Re: xsd_kva mmap

On 6 Mar 2006, at 19:11, Chris Wright wrote:

Also, your patch would need to set vma->vm_pgoff before calling
remap_pfn_range(), or the unmap code will incorrectly mess with page
reference counts (because the skanky VM_PFNMAP check in vm_normal_page
would not trigger and so that function will return non-NULL).

Thanks for the eyes, esp. considering that's what the original fix was
all about ;-)

Actually, now I look again, it appears that remap_pfn_range() deals with the re-setting of vm_pgoff itself (conditional on is_cow_mapping(), and prefixed with an enormous comment). So re-setting in the caller is unnecessary and your patch is just fine.

I think there are one or two other places in Xen code that I munge vm_pgoff, so I guess I can clean up a little now. :-)

Sorry about that...

 -- Keir

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