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[Xen-devel] Graphics in domU's

What's the status about domU graphics these days?

I'm aware that hypervisor-aware drivers are needed, and none has been written so far, mainly because proprietary vendors hasn't deemed it worth the while as yet (nVidia has opened an RFE, but AFAIK not opened it as a workload), perhaps because they don't see Xen as interesting on the desktop, or feels that HW accelerated virtualization, permitting unmodified clients, isn't there yet.

I know work is in progress WRT  GLX, any word on that?

Considering traditional drivers, the opensource opencrome.org driver should support 3D acceleration for VIA/S3 Unichrome cards.
Wouldn't that one be a good candidate for an Xen-adapted driver?

Kind regards,
Mogens Valentin

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