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Re: [Xen-devel] PCI delegation works, access to the delegated NIC doesn't

On 7 Mar 2006, at 20:34, Alexander Wilms wrote:

has anyone seen such a behaviour?:

I delegated successfully my NIC to a domU, but access to it from domU is not possible. Device appears, but access to it via 'ifconfig ethX up' doesn't
work. Ends up in dmesg output like:
tg3: tg3_reset_hw timed out for eth1, firmware will not restart magic=00000000

Delegating my USB controllers e.g. works flawlessly.

You could try getting rid of access control on I/O memory and I/O ports. Modify the Xen definitions of macros ioports_access_permitted() and iomem_access_permitted() to always return 1. Then see if the NIC works. If so, the code in domain0 to work out what resources a given PCI device requires is not working properly for you.

 -- Keir

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