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[Xen-devel] update possibility for domain configuration files

Hi all,

a few things regarding the domain configuration came into my mind.
Let's say a domain is started on a xen host and has been running for 3 months. 
Maybe, due to live-migration features, the domain "travelled" through several 
xen hosts, but this isn't necessary. 
During the domain's uptime, it was reconfigured by adding a few block devices, 
maybe some network interfaces, reconfiguring vnets, changing the ram size 

In my opinion, it should be necessary to implement an option into the xm 
command to save the current configuration of a running domain back into a 
local file. Because if the domain is shut down and should be brought up again 
with the same configuration as before, we have a problem.

In my point of view this would be necessary. Maybe some people could state 
their opinions whether this is a required feature or not.

Michael Mey                                  
Thinking Objects Software GmbH    |   mailto: michael.mey@xxxxxx 
Lilienthalstrasse 2/1             |   phone: +49 711 88770-147
70825 Stuttgart-Korntal, Germany  |   fax: +49 711 88770-449

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