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[Xen-devel] Re: IO_APIC in para-guest

On 8 Mar 2006, at 13:51, Dong, Eddie wrote:

    When thinking more about IO_APIC virtualization in Itanium,
 I got a confuse: How is io_apic.c used in xenlinux (X86)?
      It looks like all the machine resource of io_apic is handled in
xen (xen/arch/x86/irq.c), and the PIRQ based on event channel
 can be handled by pirq_type in linux/arch/xen/kernel/evtchn.c
pretty well? Then what is the function of file io_apic.c?

You should probably speak to Jun about it. The idea is that Xen does boot-time setup but then hands off control to domain0. This is necessary for platforms that require fuller ACPI support than we were prepared to put in Xen. Consider an interrupt source that needs to be routed by the OS by executing AML code.

 -- Keir

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