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[Xen-devel] [PATCH] tools: allow interrupts to be manually given to a driver domain

This patch adds a new device interface to xend/xm similar to the one for
ioports where an interrupt (irq) can be specified in the configuration
file and permission to bind to that interrupt will be given to a driver

This functionality could be used when trying to give a legacy device to
a driver domain. For example, by specifying the i/o ports and the
interrupt of your serial controller, you can use this patch to put a
serial port in a driver domain. This was discussed briefly on xen-users
in regards to using an external modem in a domU:


This patch adds the ability to specify irqs on the xm command-line when
creating a domain (the following examples show a serial port being given
to a domU):

xm create serial-dd irq=4 ioports=03f8-03ff

or in a flat config-file:

irq = [4]
ioports = ['03f8-03ff']

or in an SXP config file:

(device (irq (irq 4)))
(device (ioports (from '0x03f8')(to '0x03ff')))

The ioports functionality is already in xen, but this patch also fixes a
bug with it that I assume cropped up due to changes in xend since it was
submitted ('dev' doesn't exist in iopif.py, returning 'None' seems to be
the solution).

In addition, this patch updates some in-line documentation in
tools/python/xen/xm/create.py to be more accurate regarding adding pci
devices and i/o ports on the command-line.

Signed-off-by: Ryan Wilson <hap9@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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