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RE: [Xen-devel] Re: domUloader kernel command line arguments?

> > I know there were some complaints to the implementation,
> I'm aware of two complaints
> (1) security concerns (you _mount_ the FS in dom0)

This is certainly a fair concern. I'd wager most linux filesystem code
can quite easily be subverted by a maliciously crafted on-disk bit

> (2) the use of kpartx from multipath-tools which seems to be missing
>     from some ancient distros

Not so ancient... I've never managed to make kpartx work on anything
other than a SuSE distro.

> Anything else you are aware of?
> (1) is a feature and it's the reason why we probably will have pygrub
>     coexist with domUloader :-(
> (2) we could help, by using fdisk -l and losetup rather than kpartx
>     if the latter is missing; though fdisk -l would limit the 
> supported
>     partition tables to DOS ones.

I'm not a fan of pygrub as that requires very new versions of the
filesystem libraries (to support "open2" and hence patition table

Perhaps we should be considering having both in tree? I've somewhat lost
track of where we are in the discussion as regards to support for Sun's
UFS. Could someone please generate a summary?


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