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Re: [Xen-devel] mini-guest io emulation

Le Dimanche 12 Mars 2006 22:26, Ian Pratt a écrit :
> Folks,
> At the last summit I presented a proposal for rearchitecting the way we
> do io emulation for fully-virtualized (hvm) guests. 
> How best to move forward on this? Any volunteers?
Just a comment from an xen/ia64 member.
xen/ia64 has a vmx-like feature named VTi.  The implementation of this feature 
relies heavily on the current vmx/hvm implementation: it uses qemu-dm.

If VMX switches to mini-os, this also means a lot of works for ia64.  And the 
Xen/ia64 team is very small compared to Xen/x86.

So either we should have two ways: current qemu-dm and mini-os, or we will 
have to write our own mini-os.

[Joke: As a consequence AMD may like mini-os while Intel may prefer current 
qemu :-)]


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