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Re: [Xen-devel] [BUG 143] [RFC] Patch submitted, not in tree yet.

On 13 Mar 2006, at 20:36, James Dykman wrote:

I've retested on -rc5: (changeset 9197). Aside from the file name changes
from -rc2 to -rc5,
it still applies/builds cleanly and still fixes the bug.

Does the patch need changes, or has it managed to slip through the cracks
twice now?

It's a more invasive fix than the other checksumming patches we've applied, and things like the call to xen_checksum_setup() in xfrm4_output.c will never get accepted in upstream Linux. We need to come up with a cleaner solution that will be palatable for the Linux maintainers.

 -- Keir

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