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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH] Add SCHEDOP_block_on

On 12 Mar 2006, at 08:40, Keir Fraser wrote:

Then we have no choice but to misuse the interfaces you're prepared to
provide. Oh well.

I had some more of a think about this and actually there is a case for using a polling interface of this type in the pcifront driver. That sends a PCI-config-space request to the backend driver while it has interrupts disabled and currently has to spin on a software flag. At least the spin is usually short, but it's not a nice thing to have to do.

I'll have another look at your patch next week and reconsider.

I just applied an extended version of your patch as changeset 9238 (c445d4...) to the xen-unstable repository. The changeset comment there says it all, really. It should end up in the public repo in the next couple of hours if I haven't screwed anything up and the automatic regression tests pass.

Until 3.0.2 is called (which could be within a week, depending on when 2.6.16 is released) the implementation and interfaces can be modified -- please let me know asap if anything needs changing! You can see a usage example of the new interface in the pcifront driver. The code for that is in the same changeset.

Oh yes, and documentation isn't yet updated. The patch for that will be a bit bigger than your original one. I'll look into that tomorrow. :-)

 -- Keir

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