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Re: [Xen-devel] mini-guest io emulation

On 15 Mar 2006, at 03:03, Edwin Zhai wrote:

1. seems dom0 still need do the user interaction( screen painting, kbd/mouse detection), so how much performance gain with extra dom switch(dom0<->mini
os<->VMX guest) ?

Some of those will not be critical path operations, and are moving to mini-os only to clean up the control interfaces in dom0 (consistent device interfaces for pv and hvm guests). In other cases we will still get better performance because we get to define the minios<->dom0 interface and make it amenable to e.g., batching.

2. even with mini-os io emulation, pit/pic/iopaic/lapic still sit in Hypervisior,

Yes. The only reason not to put something in Xen is because the backend cannot be implemented in Xen. Xen doesn't know about displays, so display emulation does not go in Xen, for example.

3. we are currently doing the save/restore for VMX guest with the expection that mini-os emulation only affect device model save/resotore. we can continue current work (just save the qemu-dm state) and sync with mini os in future.


 -- Keir

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