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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH 1/3] Add Summagraphics Tablet emulation

On 15 Mar 2006, at 21:56, Donald D. Dugger wrote:

Add Summagraphics Tablet emulation for VNC users. The current PS/2 emulation
is unusable under VNC since a PS/2 mouse provides deltas while VNC only
provides absolute coordinates. Fortunately, the Summagraphics Tablet provides
absolute coordinates and works perfectly with VNC.

This patch is very big, especially since the modified qemu files appear to already contain support for touchpads. Why is so much code moved around? Although we do want this support, we really don't want to continue our slide away from qemu mainline at an increasing pace! :-)

Can I apply patches 2 and 3 independent of this one (sounds like patch 2 depends on 3 to avoid causing excessive CPU overhead, but neither has dependence on this patch)?

 -- Keir

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