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Re: [Xen-devel] [RFC] VMI for Xen?

* Ian Pratt (m+Ian.Pratt@xxxxxxxxxxxx) wrote:
> > Just some food for thought,  I did a simple analysis of the 
> > size of Xen Linux patches verses the VMI patches.  To make 
> > things more fair, I removed everything from the XenoLinux 
> > port accept for the i386 xen subarch (so no drivers and no 
> > support for other architectures).
> Your analysis is still taking all the patches to make dom0 functionality
> work, which accounts for a lot of changes and is totally outside of the
> scope of VMI.
> We've been working with a bunch of RH/Novell folks to create a stripped
> down domU-only Xen patch that would be a fairer comparison.

Here's a really imprecise view into that.  Keeping with Anthony's

 88 files changed, 7637 insertions(+), 436 deletions(-)

That's near meaningless, as it's not something that would compile and
run, but gives you a scope of the size of the changes for domU only
(shadow mode), no Xen drivers, etc..


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