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[Xen-devel] Re: [RFC, PATCH 14/24] i386 Vmi reboot fixes

Zachary Amsden <zach@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Fix reboot to work with the  VMI.  We must support fallback to the standard
> BIOS reboot mechanism.  Turns out that this is required by kexec, and a good
> idea for native hardware. 

Huh?  Rebooting through the BIOS and kexec are pretty much mutually exclusive.
Looking at the patch I can't see what you are talking about either.

Does kexec successfully work under VMWare?

> We simply insert the NOP VMI reboot hook before
> calling the BIOS reboot.  While here, fix SMP reboot issues as well.  The
> problem is the halt() macro in VMI has been defined to be equivalent to
> safe_halt(), which enables interrupts.  Several call sites actually want to
> disable interrupts and shutdown the processor, which is what VMI_Shutdown()
> does.

machine_halt actually is not one of those places.

machine_halt does not want to stop the processor.  It is very much
about killing the kernel and user space but having the software still
linger a little.

This needs a cleaner abstraction to make sense or go in.


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