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[Xen-devel] Re: [RFC, PATCH 4/24] i386 Vmi inline implementation

Pavel Machek wrote:
We already do runtime patching for SMP vs. UP, could you use same
infrastructure? I do not want VMI-specific grub.

I think we could almost use the same infrastructure - or extend it to work. The problem is how to determine register liveness for calls into the VMI layer which take > 3 arguments. If you squeeze all the arguments into fixed registers, you can unnecessarily constrain the native code - and rapidly run out of registers for the compiler to use, generating impossible constraints in some cases.

To work around these issues, we do not constrain the arguments beyond the first three registers. But this means that the hypervisor needs a way to locate the additional arguments. That information gets encoded implicitly by the auto-generated translation into a VMI call, which pushes the arguments onto the stack (thus revealing the registers, and allowing constant immediate optimization).

Now, if you can generate all of the code to do the callout to the VMI, you could use it directly in an alternative instruction sequence, just as the existing infrastructure. But I'm not sure you can do it in one compiler pass. We are already pushing the limits of the preprocessor, compiler and assembler here. Having another preprocessing pass may make it possible, but it does make the build more complicated.

I'm not sure it is really what we want though. The alternative instruction interfaces is based on global feature detection that is done and applied by the _kernel_. In the end, we want the hypervisor to be able to toggle each VMI call site as a separate feature, and replace it with hypervisor specific code. In this way, a VT based hypervisor could simply not patch those class of VMI calls that are already emulated by hardware, and also inline direct hypercalls for those classes that are not. The VMI layer is supposed to be very much an inline linker for feature detection done by the _hypervisor_.


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