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[Xen-devel] faster booting with Xen


I am working on developing faster booting. 
check this first -> http://www.machboot.com/

How about using Xen suspend feature to achieve faster booting?
Technically, suspending and booting is totally different technology,
but in the view point from usage, it acts as almost same stuff.

I mean, you boot a distribution on Xen VM, then you make a
suspend image, and then resume the image everytime for booting.
The biggest merit of this method is, you can "boot" apps also.
You can boot XFree86/KDE/Firefox/OOo/Java JIT.... at once.

Especially, this way would be interesting if you boot not from HDD, but
from special media like Internet or NFS. If you use swsusp2 or such way,
you have to implement TCP, http, proxy, SSL, gpg,,, stuff into resuming code,
and it is hard one. But with Xen, You just wget and gpg an suspend image
and then do resume.

I know that you at least need frame buffer support, but it comes soon (right?).
Then, if FB comes, can we do very fast "booting" KDE desktop with Xen?
(actually, not booting but resuming, but user must feel same.)

Your opinion I hope.

           --- Okajima, Jun. Tokyo, Japan.

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