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Re: [Xen-devel] [Patch] time resolution fix.

On 20 Mar 2006, at 16:08, Dong, Eddie wrote:

Yes, this meets with what Ian and Asit talked in xensummit too. And it
can solve
 the TSC calibration issue as wall-clock (RTC) read is some time later
TSC calibration. But it has problem in APIC time calibration side, as
it is done very later in Linux (not sure for other OSes), it is even
later than init
thread creation that is hard to determine in xen.

Hmmm.. in fact it looks like Linux reads CMOS RTC before even calibrating bogomips, so that wouldn't be a good point to disable TSC freezing after all.

Another issue is that some calibration loops read the PIT counter (and would be confused by wrapping), or expect to receive timely interrupts to increment jiffies. Those are hard to guarantee in a virtualised environment. So there's a general timeliness issue as well as the original 'delay loop progress' versus 'time progress' issue.

There's no good way out of this I suspect. If guest time is to track wallclock time then guests are going to have to see time jumping forward across preemptions, or the jumping is simply going to be saved up for some time later (eg. as you do currently when the PIT underflows).

Maybe we should do something really simple like run the guest in 'virtual' (scheduled) time for some number of seconds after boot, then switch to real time (which runs at an accelerated rate for a short while to catch back up with real time)?

A better solution to remove this assumption is that we implement a
mechanism like PIT IRQ output line that will discard accumulated IRQs
guest IRQ disable time. I.e. if guest IRQ is disabled,
should ignore the elapsed ticks (only add one more pending IRQ). In this
the guest behavior will be exactly same with native. We should put this
our TODO list :-)

What effect will this have? Are you suggesting to always run guest time at 'virtual time' rather than real wallclock time?

 -- Keir

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