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RE: [Xen-devel] 3.0.2 imminent

Slashdot tells me that 2.6.16 has now been released!

Will the default kernel config for 3.0.2 include ocfs2? I'm interested
in trying that under xen...

If anyone has done this before I'd be interested in comparing notes. I
think the best way to proceed is:

Dom0 uses AoE to see the shared storage, and lvm to partition it
DomU sees the shared block device and runs ocfs2.



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> Folks,
> Rumour has it that 2.6.16 final is going to be released in the next
> days, which is one of the main prerequisities for rolling a 3.0.2 Xen
> release. I hope we can get the release out shortly afterward.
> Here's a list of what I think needs to be done. If you're aware of
> high-priority bugs/issues please shout:
>  * checkin 2.6.16 final
>  * integrate final version of xml-rpc patch (despite being quite big,
> regard this as relatively low risk as we have good test coverage with
> xm-test)
>  * track down the "time went backward" issue introduced by the
> block-time accounting patch.
>  * hvm occasional network rx packet corruption bug (pcnet32 emulation)
> It would be great if people could start giving -unstable some heavy
> testing over the next few days so we can make this a great release.
> NB: We really need to make a concerted effort to clean up bugilla. I
> browsed a sample of open issues and I believe many have already been
> fixed (though I have yet to verify). As a general plea to all
> developers, lets try and get the bugilla database cleaned up so that
> more useful again as a tool. I know some folks prefer working just
> the mailing list, but the 'history' that bugzilla provides is useful
> issues that don't get cleared up straight away.
> Best,
> Ian
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