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Re: [Xen-devel] APIC handling on x86-64

>Xen's io_apic.c will program logical/phys dest mode appropriately 
>(although it's taken from i386 io_apic.c, those parts of the i386 file 
>are identical to x86/64 io_apic.c).

Good - I didn't check this explicitly.

>I'd also like to fix send_IPI_mask_sequence() to use physical 
>destination mode. It scares me a bit that 2.6.16 native i386 bigsmp 
>mode uses physical flat model, but uses send_IPI_mask_sequence with 
>logical delivery. Seems weird to me.

Haven't been able to download 2.6.16, yet (the WLANs I'm currently moving
in seem to be rather unreliable, and I have no copy of the unmodified sources
of any of the RCs around), but in any case our bigsmp kernel already appears
to be using consistent physical mode.

>Both this and the summit fix will be after 3.0.2 now.

We'll have to pick them up anyway (if you get around to do it before I return
from BrainShare, where I can't really do any significant work, and namely no


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