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RE: [Xen-devel] APIC handling on x86-64

> Testing is the scary thing for me. I have no access to Summit or
> boxes, and I don't know what external testing is being done on those
> systems and on what schedule. For all I know, bugs could be introduced
> and not fixed for an arbitrary time. If I know there is testing
> infrastructure I would like to move closer to x86/64's genapic code
> (which uses generic mechanisms to determine what APIC mode to use) and
> keep the minimal amount possible of default/bigsmp/summit/es7000
> specific subarchitecture code. Still, some incremental progress on
> path is definitely achievable.


We can help with the testing on ES7000 boxes. I have always wanted to
move closer to the x86_64 genapic code so I will help in whatever
possible way.

Aravindh Puthiyaparambil
Xen Development Team
Unisys Tredyffrin E240
E-Mail:  aravindh.puthiyaparambil@xxxxxxxxxx

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