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Re: [Xen-devel] Re: xen hg tree from yesterda hangs when kernel console is directed to ttyS0

Hi Keir,

Thanks for the heads-up.  I'll certainly give it a try.

As this hang appears during boot, it's not clear how much reducing
spinlock contention will help.  At times, it's not even clear that
I make it into __start_xen.  Certainly, when I get a hang, I
never make it out of __start_xen/init_e820/print_e820_memory_map.
As it often stops in the middle of print_e820_memory_map
output, that's what lead to the suspicion about serial lines.
Clearly, though, it's merely a suspicion/guess.


Keir Fraser wrote:
In unstable changeset 9419 I've reduced contention for the serial-line
spinlock, particularly in the serial ISR. It certainly has cleaned up
some weird behaviour that I was able to reproduce when I hit the
serial line hard from within Xen itself. It's not clear it'll fix your
problems, but worth testing.

 -- Keir

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