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Re: [Xen-devel] Bugs in mini-os on i386 architecture

I have been trying to get mini-os to run on i386 architecture, (xen-unstable.hg, 9325:1ecb7f1ddc79) but have hit problems:

-- header file extras/mini-os/include/console.h is missing,

A patch has just been sent out to the list. Thanks for pointing that out.

-- type mismatch in extras/mini-os/xenbus/xenbus_xs.c causes compile to fail, and

XenBus implementation got replaced with a new one by Steven Smith. This should therefore not be an issue any more.

-- page fault occurs in extras/mini-os/mm.c because page directory table entries are set up incorrectly. The array mmu_updates in new_pt_frame() has zero entries, but should have at least 1 entry.

The last patch fixes that as well.

I wonder if whoever is actively working on mini-os could review these patches, and merge them in to the sources. The header file console.h contains the minimum amount needed to get mini-os to compile -- the writer of console.c may have intended it to contain more.

What you've put there is almost everything (only relevant change was addition of the license).

Thanks for help Malvin!


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