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Re: [Xen-devel] Bugs in mini-os on i386 architecture

This is not a bug (it's a feature :) ).

As soon as console is initialised the output is no longer printed to the emergency console. It is available through the usual: xm console <dom_name>. If you want to print something to the emergency console use newly defined function: xprintk.


I am finding the same issues with x86_64 too. So I think this patch
needs to go in.
Gregor, do you agree? I am also found that minios i386 and x86_64, now
does not complete console_init() with the latest changeset
9364:22f1618cf57c. Any idea why this is happening?

xenbox:~/xen/xen-unstable/extras/mini-os # xm create -c domain_config Using config file "domain_config".
Started domain Mini-OS
xenconsole: Could not read tty from store: No such file or directory
Xen Minimal OS!
start_info:   ffffffff00028000
  nr_pages:   8192  shared_inf: 00faf000
  pt_base:    ffffffff0002b000  mod_start:  0x0
  mod_len:    0
  flags:      0x0
cmd_line: MM: Init
  _text:        ffffffff00000000
  _etext:       ffffffff0000c67a
  _edata:       ffffffff0000de78
  stack start:  ffffffff00014be0
  _end:         ffffffff00017088
  start_pfn:    33
  max_pfn:      2000
Mapping memory range 0xffffffff00400000 - 0xffffffff02000000
MM: Initialise page allocator for
MM: done
Initialising timer interface
Initialising console ...

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I have been trying to get mini-os to run on i386 architecture,
(xen-unstable.hg, 9325:1ecb7f1ddc79) but have hit problems:

-- header file extras/mini-os/include/console.h is missing,

-- type mismatch in extras/mini-os/xenbus/xenbus_xs.c causes compile
   to fail, and

-- page fault occurs in extras/mini-os/mm.c because page directory
   entries are set up incorrectly.  The array mmu_updates in
   has zero entries, but should have at least 1 entry.

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