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Re: [Xen-devel] applying bug fixes

Ian Pratt wrote:
I noticed that 3.0.2-rc was tagged on Friday. Can you explain the significance of that? Is that particular changeset going to become 3.0.2? Are you just doing extended testing on it or are you just going to tag a new changeset in a week as 3.0.2?

We were just going to sweep -unstable into -testing and call a 3.0.2
release, but it was felt that since there had been some significant
changes in the previous few days letting it sit in unstable for a few
days wouldn't be a bad thing. Adding the -rc tag was done to remind
patch submitters we're close to a release (bug fixes only) and to give
the testers a heads-up.

Excellent, thanks for the heads up.


Anthony Liguori


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