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RE: [Xen-devel] cset 9434 breaks xen/ia64 build

>    FYI, cset 9434 (Switch the default build to make the -xen 
> kernel, not the -xen0 and -xenU) breaks xen/ia64 as we do not 
> currently have a linux-defconfig-xen_ia64.  I don't 
> understand why such a change is being made so close to Xen 
> 3.0.2.  Can we make this architecture dependent?

Can you supply a suitable config? Or is it not possible to have a single
kernel that works as both a dom0 and domU on current ia64?

The change was discussed on xen-devel, and certainly makes sense, at
least on x86. It's not something that would be nice to make arch dep,
but it could be as a hack.


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