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[Xen-devel] wallclock time for paravirtualized guests

The paravirtualized guests are offered wallclock time referenced to UTC only, 
while fully virtualized guests are given the option via the config file 
(localtime parameter) of starting with UTC time or local time.
What would it take to optionally provide localtime to the paravirtualized 
guests as well?
For a guest that launches assuming localtime as its time basis, then later 
deriving UTC from it based on configuration files, this is problematic, 
requiring some convolutions to how it handles time as it boots.
Is there some place where we can insert a localtime offset into the 
start-of-day structure, or perhaps change the sharedinfo wallclock time to be 
either localtime or utc, depending on a localtime parameter in the config file, 
similar to what is done for fully virtualized guests?
- Bruce Rogers

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