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[Xen-devel] [PATCH] Remove vcpu_avail from the S-Expression that's passed on the wire

Third time's a charm right :-)

vcpu_avail is the configuration parameter that's tripping us up on large SMP systems. Instead of modifying the XML-RPC layer, a much less invasive solution is just to remove vcpu_avail from the S-Expression that's passed over the wire. The vcpu_avail parameter is not used by xm so this seems like a pretty reasonable thing to do. It certainly feels less hacky.


Anthony Liguori
# HG changeset patch
# User anthony@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
# Node ID 96c1e3c2d336a0f9cdb9e074c737e7026cede171
# Parent  4109c4e7804abeabe3b222673f2ba4dd1375be53
Remove vcpu_avail from the public S-Expression that's passed over the wire.
This trips up the XML-RPC layer on large SMP systems and isn't actually used
by xm.

Signed-off-by: Anthony Liguori <aliguori@xxxxxxxxxx>

diff -r 4109c4e7804a -r 96c1e3c2d336 
--- a/tools/python/xen/xend/server/XMLRPCServer.py      Tue Mar 28 13:19:22 2006
+++ b/tools/python/xen/xend/server/XMLRPCServer.py      Tue Mar 28 19:29:40 2006
@@ -24,6 +24,7 @@
 from xen.xend.XendClient import XML_RPC_SOCKET, ERROR_INVALID_DOMAIN
 from xen.xend.XendError import *
+from types import ListType
 def lookup(domid):
     info = XendDomain.instance().domain_lookup_by_name_or_id(domid)
@@ -35,24 +36,36 @@
     info = lookup(domid)
     return getattr(info, fn)(*args)
+# vcpu_avail is a long and is not needed by the clients.  It's far easier
+# to just remove it then to try and marshal the long.
+def fixup_sxpr(sexpr):
+    ret = []
+    for k in sexpr:
+        if type(k) is ListType:
+            if len(k) != 2 or k[0] != 'vcpu_avail':
+                ret.append(fixup_sxpr(k))
+        else:
+            ret.append(k)
+    return ret
 def domain(domid):
     info = lookup(domid)
-    return info.sxpr()
+    return fixup_sxpr(info.sxpr())
 def domains(detail=1):
     if detail < 1:
         return XendDomain.instance().list_names()
         domains = XendDomain.instance().list_sorted()
-        return map(lambda dom: dom.sxpr(), domains)
+        return map(lambda dom: fixup_sxpr(dom.sxpr()), domains)
 def domain_create(config):
     info = XendDomain.instance().domain_create(config)
-    return info.sxpr()
+    return fixup_sxpr(info.sxpr())
 def domain_restore(src):
     info = XendDomain.instance().domain_restore(src)
-    return info.sxpr()    
+    return fixup_sxpr(info.sxpr())
 def get_log():
     f = open(XendLogging.getLogFilename(), 'r')
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